Song of Kali, Dan Simmons

Song of Kali, Dan SimmonsO terrible wife of Siva / Your tongue is drinking the blood, / O dark Mother! O unclad Mother. It is remarkable that prior to writing this first novel, Dan Simmons had spent only two and a half days in Calcutta, a city too wicked to be suffered, his narrator says. Fortunately back in print after several years during which it was hard to obtain, this rich, bizarre novel practically reeks with atmosphere. The story concerns an American poet who travels with his Indian wife and their baby to Calcutta to pick up an epic poem cycle about the goddess Kali. The Bengali poet who wrote the poem cycle has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Horror critic Edward Bryant calls Song of Kali an exactingly constructed, brutal, and uncompromising study of the degree to which an evil place may permeate and steep all that makes us human and writes that it embodies the stance of a psychologically violent novel about a violent society as a defensible and indisputably moral work of art. Song of Kali won a World Fantasy Award. --IFiona Webster Обо всём этом и не только в книге Song of Kali (Dan Simmons)

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